Vizio E Series 2015 LED TV Calibration Settings

The differences between the Vizio E-series' picture modes are limited, and you get low input lag with just about any combination of picture settings and processing features.

Vizio E Series 2015 Calibration Settings 1

We recommend disabling the 'Auto Brightness Control', unless you want the TV’s backlight to automatically adjust to the room’s lighting. For more direct control, you should adjust the 'Backlight' setting. We set our TV’s backlight to 34 to hit our target of 100 cd/m2, which we want for viewing in a dark room. You should increase the 'Backlight' setting if you watch TV in a bright room.

Vizio E Series 2015 Calibration Settings 2

In 'Advanced Picture,' we disabled everything except for 'Film Mode,' which helps eliminate judder when the TV is displaying 24 fps video. See the Q&A for more information about why we don’t recommend using the 'Active LED Zones' feature, as well as to see how effective the 'Clear Action' option is.

Vizio E Series 2015 Calibration Settings 3

Unless you only watch loss-less media or Blu-rays, you should set the 'Reduce Block Noise' and 'Reduce Signal Noise' settings to High, as those can help eliminate some of the artifacts that can appear onscreen when low-quality media (streams, broadcast TV) is playing.

Vizio E Series 2015 Calibration Settings 4

Our TV’s 2 point grayscale calibration was pretty far off the mark by default. These settings will be different for every TV, so we don’t recommend copying these for your TV.

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Questions & Answers

Thanks for the review! Since you said every color tuner is different, what is the best method to calibrate the color tuner?
A professional calibration would get you the best results, which, with a little negotiation, would cost you about $100-150 at Best Buy. That would only account for about a 5% improvement in picture quality over our recommended settings, so it may not be worth doing.
My E70-C3 has "Reduce Judder" and "Reduce Motion Blur". Can you please recommend a setting for these functions? Thank you!
If you don't want motion interpolation, leave those disabled. If you do want interpolation, 'Reduce Judder' interpolates 24 fps and 30 fps content, and 'Reduce Motion Blur' interpolates 60 fps, so enable them accordingly.
I have the E50-C1. I can't seem to change the setting from 720p to 1080p. How would I go about doing this?
Your TV is always 1080p. It is displaying the output resolution of your device, which is sending a 720p signal to your TV. You will need to change the settings of your source device to 1080p, if possible.
We bought the E50-C1. We watch mostly Netflix/Hulu, use PS4, and play sports games. My wife likes to watch TV with the living room light on. It's not overly bright, but it's definitely not a dark room. What settings would you use for this?
Use the same settings we have listed, but increase the backlight to a suitable brightness.
So how would I calibrate the color tuner if you guys don't recommend copying it?
You'll either need to do it yourself by getting a colorimeter and calibration software, or get a professional calibration done. For an E-series TV, it's likely not worth spending a lot of money on either of those things, so only pursue this if you can get it done for very cheap.
Is the Vizio E48-C2 good for watching hockey games? If not, what do you guys prefer? Thanks.
Yes. It doesn't have much motion blur, which is very important for sports. It also has good contrast and black uniformity, so overall picture is good.
How do I adjust the TV picture to be able to see all the picture? I cannot read the bottom of the fast forward.
Press the 'Wide' button and make sure you've got it set to normal. If that doesn't fix things, you should go to the 'More Picture' menu and adjust the 'Picture Size & Position' settings to get it set properly.
I have the E70-C3. When watching sports it seems blurry. Any settings I can change?
If you have used our settings and have enabled 'Reduce Block Noise' and 'Reduce Signal Noise,' there's unfortunately nothing else to be done. It's just the quality of the signal that is making the action look blurry.
Should I turn on game low latency when I play on my PS4? Would it actually reduce the input lag?
It didn't have an effect on input lag in our tests, but we've heard there are differences in input lag among the different sizes. It might be worth trying out, just in case.
What are good calibration settings for UFC fights and football games?
The settings we listed will be good for everything, except playing video games where you need to turn on 'Game Low Latency'.
Do you recommend the Vizio 70" E-series for sports viewing ?
Yes. It doesn't have much blur, so it's a good choice.
How far apart do the legs sit on the 43" model?
Unfortunately, we haven't seen that size in stores, so we haven't been able to measure the stand dimensions.

Update: One of our visitor reported '33 inches outside to outside. I have my 43" model on a 34" table and it just fits.'

I have a E70C3 and am experiencing audio lag through the optical port. I have tried 2 different sound systems thinking that the problem was with them and there is no change. I have gone through the tv settings and made sure everything was set up correctly, PCM mode, etc. and still have a very annoying lag between the television and whatever audio source I connect through the optical.
We have verified the Vizio E and ran a few audio sync tests. We did noticed a delay of about 30ms between when using the TV speakers and when using our sound bar through optical out. The TV speakers already have a little sound delay so that 30ms add to it and can become noticeable. Since we only have one sound bar for now, we can't say if the additional delay is caused by it but we can at least confirm we also have an additional lag. If anything, make sure the 'Lip Sync' setting from the Audio menu is set at 0.
After using all your recommended settings, my TV looks a little too vibrant. How can I tone down the bright whites without washing out the image?
If it's the luminosity of the TV that is bothering you, reducing the backlight will solve it. If you're talking about the brightness of the whites, then reducing the contrast setting a little bit would help.
For Blu-ray at output settings, is the E-series full-range RGB capable? Should super white be enabled? Thanks!
It can do Full RBG, so you should use that. There's no need for super white, though. It's just a software feature that doesn't make the picture objectively better. Try it out if you like and then choose whether you want to leave it on or not.
Where is the 120hz setting on the E65-C3 2015 model? I can't find it, but I can definitely see the Hobbit Battle of the Five Armies is doing 120hz from a video on my computer streaming over the native DLNA app. I can't really see it on Hulu or Netflix.
If you're looking for the interpolation functions, do this:
For 24 hz and 30 hz signals, you need to adjust 'Reduce Judder' in 'Menu' -> 'Picture' -> 'More Picture.'
For 60 hz signals, you need to adjust 'Reduce Motion Blur.'
Is it possible to have video over HDMI and Audio over RCA simultaneously? If so I can't figure it out.
No. They're two separate inputs, and there's no way to split the audio and video in that way.
Is it ok to have "Game Low Latency" left on all the time even when not playing video games? Will a receiver introduce additional latency?
You can leave GLL on all the time. It won't really make a difference for other uses. On occasion, a receiver will have audio sync issues, but this can usually be solved with settings on the receiver itself.
I've set everything to your recommendations and the picture seems dim. Tried to adjust brightness and backlight but doesn't seem better. Any suggestions?
Backlight is the only setting that would need to be adjusted to make the TV less dim. Try copying all of our settings, but setting the backlight to max. Try that out for a few days and see if you adjust. If you don't, try changing the color temperature to something else. That might get you a look you prefer.
In the first image, you show the sharpness set at zero. Can you explain why? Also, would you ever want to change this when playing a video game? My personal opinion is that a sharpness setting of 100 looks much better than 0 while playing a video game. Thanks!
That's the setting where there is no sharpness being added by the TV to the image, which is the look we calibrate for. We wouldn't want to change this, but you should go for the look that you like best.
How useful is the "Clear Action" option on the E55-C1?
It's pretty useful if you want to clarify fast movement and don't want to use interpolation. It does reduce the luminosity of the backlight, though, so keep that trade-off in mind.
I just purchased the E65-C3. What are the best picture settings for Blu-ray and also for cable TV?
The settings we listed will work well for everything, including both of those sources.
I have 70 inch E Series Vizio tv and my closed caption button doesn't work! I can't turn off the closed caption! What should I do?
There isn't an option to toggle the feature in the settings. You can always reset the TV to factory defaults (System - System & Admin - Reset TV to factory defaults) but then you won't be able to turn the option On anymore. Also, make sure to write down your settings if you do that because that will reset everything. Another option is to buy a replacement remote from LG or a universal remote.
Does the E40-C2 or E32-C1 have the split screen feature?
No, they don't.
What is the best HDMI input to use (1-4) with my 70 inch Vizio E70-c3 TV?
If you use an HDMI ARC receiver, then HDMI 1. If not, any of the HDMI input will do.
I currently game on a 24 inch asus monitor that has 1ms lag. I am looking to get a 32 inch tv to game on. I see you guys rated the Vizio E32-C1 at 29.5 ms which on paper looks like a HUGE difference, when compared to my monitor. But is it a noticeable lag to anyone on here who is used to playing on a monitor? I mostly play shooters, and sports games. If anyone on here could comment on this tv paired with a PS4, that would be great!
Your monitor probably has 1 ms response time, not to be confused with input lag. The response time is always significantly shorter. There are a few faster TVs but 29.5 ms is really fast and is excellent for console gaming. We do have avid FPS fans in our office.
Hello, I've read the e32-c1 has a "game mode". Do you recommend using this for console gaming? Thanks!
We recommend you activate it when gaming. You will find it under 'Menu' - 'Picture' - 'More Picture' - 'Game Low Latency'.
When will the review of the 2016 Vizio E series be out? I just got one and desperately need some calibration settings.
The Vizio E48U-D0 will be reviewed this month.
Just set up my new 55" Vizio. Everything seems fine when playing video games, but when I am streaming or using the smart TV apps the picture quality is horrible, with really bad pixelation and color matching. Any suggestions?
If you have all the correct settings entered, it's likely a network issue. You could try using a wired connection, as that would be a stabler, stronger connection. Reducing other activity on your network would also help.
Okay, I have a E series 43 in a bedroom and I only really use a lamp when I'm up watching TV or playing Xbox. When I turn my lamp off I want the TV to darken a little so my eyes don't strain, the auto brightness is on but I can't tell a difference when the light is on and off... And I hate changing the settings every night then back again. How do I fix this?
'Auto Brightness Control' is really the feature for this. Try a few different values for it, but if that doesn't work to your liking, there isn't much you can do about it. Maybe you have something that is covering the light sensor of the TV?
Where is the light sensor on the tv located?
Bottom left corner.
Using the THX gamma test pattern. Squinting, it looks like I should set gamma to 2.4, but I know that you guys suggest setting it to 2.2. Do you guys suggest 2.2 even for a dark/dim room for this TV? Would love to hear your view on this television's gamma! Mine is a 48" 2015 E-series.
It's really down to personal preference. Most calibrators (us included) stick with 2.2 all the time, but there's nothing really wrong with using 2.4 if you want to.
In case you want to answer it, the legs on my E43-C2 are 33.25" at the outside widest point. :)
Thanks for this excellent, informative service!
And thank you for sharing that info!
I set the picture on my E32-C1 to your recommendation, but it seems like there is too much yellow, especially in the skin tones. How do I fix this?
You're likely just not used to the warm color temperature. Try leaving it for a few days and see if you adjust. If you really dislike it, change the color temperature to something cooler.
After having hooked up my Vizio 43" E43-C2 to the internet via ethernet, and using the VIA button I see the media option. I have an external hard drive hooked up to the USB. This device is working correctly, however the media also shows my wife's and my computers. When I highlight one of the computers no information ever pops up like the external hard drive does? Any solutions?
This is normal. The TV will be able to detect the PCs, but you need to set them up to use DLNA to share their media to the TV.
Will film mode, reduce signal noise, and reduce block noise increase input lag?
Film mode only activates when the TV is receiving a 24 hz signal, so there's no need to worry, since your system shouldn't be outputting at 24 hz. Reduce signal noise and reduce block noise don't increase lag.
With the weird legs on the VIZIO E32-C1 32-Inch, what does it measure from toe to toe on one leg. Need to know if it will fit on a 5x46 inch table.
It won't fit unfortunately. On the 32", the legs are 7.82" deep.
Hello. Do you recommend the "game" picture setting option VS your calibrated set up above for console gaming? Or perhaps using the game mode picture settings but customize it to your above setup? Thanks!
No. It won't have an effect on the input lag. Stick with 'Calibrated' and enabling 'Game Low Latency' instead.
I bought the E32-C1 and there is no option in the settings to change the auto brightness. Does this mean the TV doesn't have that feature?
The 32" doesn't have that feature unfortunately.
Update: Some 32" E-series TVs do appear to have the feature. If you do not see it in your TV's menu, make sure you have the latest firmware for your TV, and then contact Vizio support to see why you aren't getting the option.
I bought the VIZIO 65” Class 4K UHD LED Smart TV - D65U-D2 and I can't find how the calibrate it anywhere. The only thing I did find was that it may be close to an E65-C3's settings. Is it comparable to any other series of Vizio? The TV is located in the living room on the wall (well-lit if I want it to be, but most of the time a dark room).
We're considering reviewing the D-series, but have not yet made a decision. Your safest bet is to copy the settings we used for our M-series (everything except the white balance and color adjustments). It's likely pretty similar to the M, but with somewhat worse picture quality.
I have Vizio E 48 c2. Now I am planning to buy a sound bar. I would like to control the sound bar volume with my Vizio tv remote. As I know you can do that through HDMI audio out ARC, my question is if my Vizio TV have HDMI audio out ARC or not?
Yes. HDMI 1 is the one with ARC support.
I followed your specs, but the picture seems to have a green hue and is dim for gaming, Suggestions? I am also running on computer temp as the whites don't look as warm for gaming.
If you followed our 2 point color calibration (the offset and gain) then reset these to 0 to begin. These values change depending on the individual TV. If you still have the issue, then reducing the 'Tint' option will remove the green hue and increasing the backlight will increase the brightness. You can also increase the contrast a little to lighten the whites.
I am having a terrible problem with glare on the screen of my Vizio E32 TV in a room with natural light. Any suggestions on how to limit the glare other than moving the TV into a dark dungeon?
If you can't get it into a darker space, there's not much you can do. Increase the backlight setting to the maximum, and try using blinds or drapes on the windows.
I purchased an E32-C1 Vizio and wanted to connect the audio output to the amplifier I've had for 22 years so I can get good sound while watching movies. I've connected mp3 players this way in the past, but when I connect the audio out, the sound still comes from the TV. Is this TV capable of connecting to an older amplifier?
In the audio settings, set the TV Speakers to 'Off'. That should get the audio out working the way you want.
When I watch Netflix on my ps3 on calibrated mode, the screen's backlight can't seem to keep up with the changes between light and dark in certain scenes. Is there a setting to fix that or is it the fault of an older PS3? I'd love an excuse for a Roku 3.
It isn't likely the fault of the PS3. Try to turn off 'Auto Brightness Control' and 'Active LED Zones'. If that doesn't fix the problem, try to set 'Game Low Latency' to On. That will disable most TV video processing that can interfere with how the picture is displayed. If that works, sorry for your Roku 3 excuse.
How far apart do the legs sit on the E32-C1 model? Thanks!
The legs are 23.5" apart.
In the day time my room is bright and at night it's dark so what should I put my brightness on?
Turn on 'Auto Brightness Control'. The TV will adjust itself based on the light in your room.
I would like to adjust font size for screen commands to make it easier to set my sleep timer on my Vizio E32 TV. I can't even see the information provided on the user manual.
Unfortunately, there isn't an option to adjust font size.
I bought an E32-C1 for my father-in-law to use as a dual-purpose TV/computer monitor. How would you set the TV up for computer use, and are the settings used tied to which input you are using, or which picture mode you are using? In other words, will he have to change the input and the pic mode when going back and forth, or just the input?
Enable 'Game Low Latency' to get the least lag possible, and then use the rest of our recommended settings. There aren't any PC-specific options with this TV that you'll want to use.
The settings are tied to the input, so he can have different options for his different devices.
Does the Vizio E50-C1 have a split screen feature?
No, it doesn't.
Why doesn't the E55 Vizio TV have any controls on it?
On-set controls are becoming rarer. There should be a single power/input button on the rear of the TV, but apart from that, you'll need to use the remote.
I want to run the Yahoo Finance App while having a video playing at the same time. Right now the app comes up and covers about a quarter of the screen. I have tried to use that button on the bottom left of the app to resize the image and it does not work. The TV is a Vizio 32" E32-C1.
That button doesn't work on our TV either. It doesn't look as though you can resize, unfortunately.
Do you have any recommended settings for the audio equalizer?
No, because these depends on a lot your room configuration. Ultimately, because the sound capabilities of the TVs are almost always poor, it wouldn't make much difference if we did make adjustments.
When I have my E32-C1 connected to my PC, game mode doesn't appear to do anything at 1080p @ 60 hz, but it does work while feeding a 120 hz signal. Just FYI for anybody thinking about purchasing a E32-C1 to use as a monitor (as I did, which this almost makes it a deal breaker), the input lag is horrible at 60 hz no matter what you change in the TV settings.
Interesting. Just to confirm, you have enabled 'Game low latency,' and you're still encountering the problem? Make sure to connect the TV to the internet so it can receive updates, just in case this was an older issue that has since been fixed.
Thanks for sharing!
Currently I have the VIZIO 65” Class 4K UHD LED Smart TV - D65U-D2 set to the HDMI 5 port, receiving 1080i through U-Verse. Also, I have a Samsung Smart Blu-Ray in the HDMI 4 port. Are these the best settings?
Switch the Uverse box to HDMI 1-3 and you'll be all set. If it behaves the way it does on our M-series TV (and we expect it will), HDMI 5 won't be as good at handling interlaced video, which means 1080i won't look great.
We are not taking any more questions for this product because we no longer have it in our lab.