Vizio D Series 1080p 2016 LED TV Calibration Settings

For additional settings information, please consult the Common Problems and How to Calibrate pages.

The following settings are those we used for the review of the Vizio D Series 1080p 2016. They work fine for any type of content, especially for movies.

We used the 'Calibrated Dark' picture mode to get a warm picture look which is part of our calibration goal. The 19 'Backlight' value we used is good for a pitch black room and will need to be adjusted to your room lightning. High values won't deteriorate picture quality. We left Sharpness to 0 not to get over-sharpening artifacts. For low quality content like cable TV and DVD, a value between 10-15 will add some details and would be beneficial.

Vizio D Series 1080p 2016 Calibration Settings 1

'Color Temperature' set to 'Normal' helps with the warm picture look. If you find the picture too dull or yellowish, use a colder color temperature. 'Active LED Zones' is the local dimming features. It isn't much effective so we left it off. 'Clear Action' will enhance motion but makes the screen dimmer and flickers a lot. For most content, except maybe for gaming, it is better off. For low quality content like cable TV and DVDs, activate both features under the 'Reduce Noise' menu to get rid of unwanted noise. Use 'Game Low Latency' to get the least amount of input lag when gaming. 

Vizio D Series 1080p 2016 Calibration Settings 2

The following are the results of the white balance and colorspace calibration on our unit. They are provided for reference, and should not be copied as the calibration values vary per individual unit even for the same model and same size as the TV we reviewed due to manufacturing tolerances. If you want to try them you will need to enter all values shown, as all of them are active at the same time. If you end up with worse picture quality, simply reset them to the default values.

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Questions & Answers

Hi, I'm looking for some tips on good settings for viewing sports in a bright living room. Thanks
For the most accurate picture, use one of the 'Calibrated' picture modes. Disable 'Auto Brightness Control' and adjust the 'Backlight' to your preference. Leave the 'Brightness', 'Color', 'Contrast' and 'Tint' as they are, and set the 'Sharpness' to 0. Adjust the 'Color Temperature' depending on your preference. Set 'Black Detail' and 'Active LED Zones' to 'Off'. You can try to enable 'Clear Action' for better motion, but disable it if you dislike the flickering.
Can this setting be used for gaming?
Yes, just be sure to set 'Game Low Latency' on to reduce the input lag. You can also set 'Clear Action' on, it will enhance motion, but it will introduce some flickering and will make the screen dimmer. If you decide to use it, you can compensate the lost of brightness by increasing the backlight value to you liking.
Can this setting be used for gaming?
For gaming you can copy our settings, however enable 'Game Low Latency'. You can also adjust the backlight and color temperature to your preference. Enable clear action to reduce motion blur if you don't mind the flickering.
Will Rtings.com ever be reviewing the Vizio Model d32h-c0?
Unfortunately, it is unlikely that we will have time to test that one.
We are not taking any more questions for this product because we no longer have it in our lab.