Sony W650D LED TV Calibration Settings

For additional settings information, please consult the Common Problems and How to Calibrate pages.

The following pictures represent the settings we used for the Sony W650D. These settings are acceptable for most content including sports and gaming. Switching from different picture modes will not affect the input lag since they are all the same.

We used 'General' in the 'Scene Select' option so we can have access to the 'Picture Adjustment" settings.

Sony W650D Calibration Settings 1

Just like other Sony TVs, we used the 'Custom' picture mode to get a warm picture look which is our calibration goal. We had 'Backlight' set to minimum to suit our totally black room but this should be adjusted to your room lighting. Higher values will not affect the picture quality and would be recommended if you need to counter reflections. We also set the sharpness to the lowest value since higher values add over-sharpening artifacts. If you find that the picture is to yellow you can change the 'Color Temperature' to a colder setting. 

Sony W650D Calibration Settings 2

It is recommended to activate 'Noise Reduction' and 'MPEG Noise Reduction' when watching cable TV, DVDs or other low resolution content so to remove unwanted noise artifacts.

Sony W650D Calibration Settings 3

We left most other processing off. 'LED Motion Mode' allows the motion of objects to become a lot clearer by flickering the display, unfortunately the issue with this setting is that the screen dims considerable.  Here is the result of 'LED Motion Mode'.

Sony W650D Calibration Settings 4

We turned all power settings off to get the best out of the Sony W650D.

Sony W650D Calibration Settings 5

Update: After the review was done, we were made aware of the white balance setting in the service menu. To access this menu, while the TV is off, press on the remote in this order: 'Display', '5', 'Volume +' and power on.

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Questions & Answers

Hi, I was wondering if you could provide us your white balance settings because the values are not usual, it's going from 0 up to 512 in the service menu! This would be really great and would make the review of this TV complete since there is strictly no other settings to calibrate this set. Thank you!
White Balance
Ok, here are the results of the white balance calibration of the Sony W650D done via the service menu.
There was a recent software update. Did that fix any of the issues you found with the performance of the set? I'm really hoping it improved its input lag performance.
Thank you for the information. After updating the software to the newest version (4.102-1.200-01), the input lag remains the same at 42.4ms. If there are any significant improvements to the results from a software update then they will be updated.
During your testing did you test video files on USB Flash drives? I received this model as a replacement and the media file thumbnails are 1) slow to load (over a minute) and 2)there are no thumbnails for all but 3 files, plus 6 broken file indicators. There is also no file names which make picking a movie difficult. Thanks for all your information.
Not at the moment, we do from time to time use USB flash drives to do some extra testing, but it is not implemented in the main battery of test that we do for the reviewing. If there is more demand for this test, we could add this to our list in the future.
To save this calibration, Just press "home"?
Yes, all changes are saved as soon as they are changed.
We are not taking any more questions for this product because we no longer have it in our lab.