Samsung KS8000 LED TV Calibration Settings

For additional settings information, please consult the Common Problems and How to Calibrate pages.

The settings listed on this page are the results of our Samsung KS8000 UHD LED TV calibration. They work fine for most content, especially movies. If you would like to use these settings for gaming, copy them under the 'Game' picture mode (available under 'Special Viewing Mode').

For HDR gaming, once that game is enabled, increase the backlight to max, set the 'Color Space' to 'Native' and set 'Smart LED' to high.

On Samsung TVs, the 'Movie' picture mode is closer to our calibration goal so we always pick this first. To enable game mode, select it from the 'Special Viewing Mode'.

Samsung KS8000 Calibration Settings 1

We set 'Backlight' at 4 to get as close to 100 cdm2 as possible. This is suitable for a totally black room but higher values are needed for brighter rooms. Adjust according to your room. 'Sharpness' at 0 means no added sharpness. Anything higher add over-sharpening artifacts.

Samsung KS8000 Calibration Settings 2

'Digital Clean View' can be used when watching low resolution content like cable TV and DVDs. Leave it off for 1080p or 4k sources. 'Auto Motion Plus' is the image interpolation feature and will add the soap opera effect (SOE) when activated. To get better motion with a minimum of the SOE, use low custom values. To get sharper text while using the TV as a PC monitor, activate 'HDMI UHD Color'

Samsung KS8000 Calibration Settings 4

'Color Tone' set to 'Warm2' is close to the cinema standard. If it appears too dull or yellowish for you, use a colder temperature like 'Warm1'. 'Color Space' controls whether the TV displays a wide color gamut. 'Native' will produce more saturated colors but it is best left to 'Auto' where it will adjust according to the source.

Samsung KS8000 Calibration Settings 5

The following are the results of the white balance and colorspace calibration on our unit. They are provided for reference, and should not be copied as the calibration values vary per individual unit even for the same model and same size as the TV we reviewed due to manufacturing tolerances. If you want to try them you will need to enter all values shown, as all of them are active at the same time. If you end up with worse picture quality, simply reset them to the default values.

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Questions & Answers

I cannot get my Xbox One S to display 4K and HDR?
Ensure 'HDMI UHD Color' is enabled for the port from the picture menu.
What are the magenta settings on the color space? I have the red, green, blue, yellow and cyan but not magenta.
Thanks for pointing out this omission. The missing screenshot has been added.
Can you enable movie mode and game mode at the same time on this set? I've read that in order to access HDR content, you need to put the TV in movie mode. In order to play future games that feature HDR, I want to make sure I can enable HDR and game mode.

On this set, you cannot enable movie mode once it is in game mode. In game mode it does support HDR however, so this isn't an issue.

Update: After testing the gamma curve in HDR and non-HDR modes we have found that in game mode the TV does detect HDR content and does change to a HDR picture mode.

Hello, love your site and all the useful information! Do you know if there is a way to deactivate or turn off the small lit up "Samsung" that is on the TV frame center bottom? I find it distracting.
Yes this is possible. Disable it under 'System'->'Expert Settings'->'Light Effect'.
Does the Samsung KS8000 do game mode and HDR content?
Yes it does. For best experience, select the 'Game' special viewing mode and set the backlight to max. Set 'Smart LED' to 'High' and 'Color Space' to 'Native'. This results in an input lag of 22.6ms.
What are the best video game settings for this TV using Xbox One?
Enable the 'Game mode' option in Settings > Picture > Special Viewing Mode to get the least amount of input lag. You can use our calibration settings to improve the picture quality. Adjust the backlight to your preference depending on the brightness of your room.
When this TV detects an HDR signal the picture dims among other things, do you know what settings are changing when it switches? And if so, is there a way to manually adjust the HDR picture settings.
Update: When an HDR signal is detected, it automatically switches to an HDR picture mode. If you want to be sure you have the good setting, after it changes to 'HDR mode', just verify that the 'Backlight' is set to maximum, that the 'Smart LED' is set to 'High'. Also, verify that the 'Color Space' is set to 'Auto'.
What is the best setting for watching regular TV and Sports. Thank you in advance for your time and I love your site.
Set the picture mode to 'Movie'. Adjust 'Backlight' and 'Color Tone' to your preference. For watching TV and sports, you can try to enable 'Digital Clean View' to reduce noise in the lower quality content. To slightly improve the motion for sports you can also set 'Auto Motion Plus' to 'Custom', and increase the sliders to 3 or 4. Note that this will introduce some artifacts, so disable it if you find this bothering. If you dislike the soap opera effect, leave this disabled.
What are the recommended settings for Smart LED when watching TV? High or low
For a brighter room, turn 'Smart LED' to 'High'. If you find the change in screen brightness noticeable and distracting then you can turn it to 'Off'.
Customer Review at BestBuy for the 65" version of this same set said he prepared in advance for the wide feet at 51". However when the set arrived, there was the option for mounting the stand feet at 36" for a narrow setting. Solved his wide stand problem. Does this 60" offer the same option (nice if it does). Thanks. From Jim N3JT: 'The two brackets under the TV were clearly too wide for my 48-inch stand. I bought the wood, stained it, and had everything ready for delivery of the TV. Only when the TV arrived did I learn that there are TWO spacing options for those brackets. The narrower spacing option is only 36 inches so the 48-inch stand was more than adequate.' www.bestbuy.com/site/samsung-65-class-64-5-diag--led-2160p-smart-4k-ultra-hd-tv-silver/5065600.p?id=bb5065600&skuId=5065600
Update: It has been reported that both the 60" and the 65" have an alternate narrower stand position.
First off I would like to say that the way you guys do reviews are amazing! I only go to you guys for your expert opinions. Now my question is what HDMI cable do you recommend purchasing for this TV? I will be using this TV primarily for my PS4 and I want a cable that will upscale the games and movies beautifully for a reasonable price.
You will need a high speed HDMI cable like this one. FYI, it is not the cable that will do the upscaling, but the TV itself.
How to check info on the TV display, like 1080p and what Channel I'm watching?

Depending on what you are watching, usually pressing the 'Select' button (the middle round button of the directional pad) will bring up the feed information. For other apps, like Netflix, you can also press the '123' button on the smart remote, then after on the on screen menu, select the 'INFO' option and information about the time, the resolution and the audio channel is going to appear on the top left part of the screen.

Update 03/27/2017: The 'Info' option via the '123' button on the remote is now working again under the latest update.

I have Direct TV HD at 1080i. When watching movies on TNT and AMC the picture stutters and lags at some points. I noticed it on some Blu-ray as well. I turned film mode off and that seemed to help. I thought the AUTO Motion was supposed to smooth this out. Any suggestions?
We often recommend to set 'Auto Motion Plus' to custom and set low value (3-4) for both 'Blur Reduction', 'Judder Reduction' and leaving 'LED Clear Motion to off. It should give you a better motion without necessarily too much soap opera effect.
Does the set tilt back a little? I've checked and I have the feet in correct.
Our model does tilt back slightly, as can be seen here.
I've connected the 55'' KS8000 to my PC (AMD R9 270 GPU) and at first, it could not recognize the device (my PC). But this is actually not my real issue. The problem is that after it did recognize it, I could no longer change certain Expert Settings in the Picture Settings menu like, for example, Color. I find that the color is much too saturated and I cannot find a way to enable some sort of configuration.
We are aware of this problem. The way to fix this is to edit the device type to something else than PC. We found that setting the device to 'Blu-ray player' bring back all the picture quality option.

To change the device type, press home on the remote, after go to 'Source', go to the device labeled 'PC' and press up to select 'Edit'. In the 'Edit Device Type', select 'Blu-ray player'. After this, you should have all the picture quality option available.

I am strictly using this TV is for Xbox One S and PS4 Pro. What is the best picture calibration? I know game mode, backlight maxed out and native. But I'm looking for specifics on other settings like colors. Also really enjoy your reviews!
Ensure 'HDMI UHD Color' is enabled. Enable 'Game' mode for lowest input lag. Disable 'Dynamic Contrast' for the most accurate picture. Unfortunately the color space settings vary on a unit by unit basis, so we can't advise you for your TV.
When I play HDR video games on my Xbox One S with this TV the TV displays that HDR content is playing but the settings do not change to my HDR settings. When I manually switch the settings to the correct HDR setting while playing the game (backlight 20, native color space and Smart LED high), everything is okay, but when I go back to the Xbox menu screen which is not in HDR the settings don't go back to normal and it stays on my HDR settings. How do I fix this?

This bug only occurs in game mode, and unfortunately we don't know of any way to fix it.

Update 05/02/2018: Readers have reported that this bug has been fixed with firmware 1220.6.

I was wondering if you had tested the HDR + picture setting?
The HDR+ picture setting tries to simulate HDR content. We recommend to disable it as it oversaturated colors, and adjusts the gamma.
Hey guys I just bought my 65KS8000 and your settings look beautiful. I just have one question. Sometimes while playing my Xbox One S and my PS4 I will get a gray bar along the top of the screen wanting to give me information and I believe tips. Is there a way to turn that off it gets real aggravating because it takes up screen real estate where my life bars would be. Thanks guys and again great reviews.
We did not find any way to turn off those notifications unfortunately. One of ours reader suggested that disabling the WiFi, to render the TV 'offline' when you are playing game, could help to avoid some of these popups.
Hi, awesome settings, looks great on this TV. I do, however, enjoy a little more dynamic picture without going full on dynamic mode. Will upping the backlight/dynamic contrast/standard or cool color tone throw off the manual calibration of the white balance and color space as listed above?
Yes, it will change how the whites and colors will look on the TV. However, we always encourage others to try different settings as it's based on preference.
Hello, first and foremost, I enjoy reading your reviews and settings which I find very informative, keep up the great work! Am very interested in getting this TV mainly for 4K UHD disc playback and plan to pair it with a Samsung K8500 player. My question is what are the recommended settings for HDR UHD disc movies? Does the TV have a specific preset that it automatically switches to when it detects a 4k UHD disc?
No, there is no special setting for UHD disc. Try our setting and you should have a good movie experience. If you find the screen a bit too dim, just crank up the 'Backlight'. This won't affect other picture settings.
Thanks for all the info you've provided on this site - it's great! I just input these settings for movie mode and really like them. I'm wondering if you have suggested settings for sports viewing.
For watching sports, you can try to enable 'Digital Clean View' to reduce noise in the lower quality content. To slightly improve the motion you can also set 'Auto Motion Plus' to 'Custom', and increase the sliders to 3 or 4. Note that this will introduce some artifacts, so disable it if you find this bothering.
Hi, Awesome site. I am in the market to replace my old 65" 1080p Mits DLP rear projection TV. While it has been a good TV for the last 10 years, I'm ready for an update and 4K content. The one aggravating issue with my Mits is the time it takes for the TV to fire up and display a picture and sound. It probably takes a good 30 seconds. I know it is a small thing but after 10 years it just drives me nuts. Aside from this, having to replace the bulb every 2 years at $250 a pop is a real drag. Anyway, how fast does the Samsung KS8000 turn off after you hit the power button?
The Samsung KS8000 is one of the faster TVs we have seen for power on/off times. Both turning on and turning off is complete in a few seconds.
How do I turn off the feature that auto turns on my Xbox? The Xbox uses a lot of power and I often use smart apps over the Xbox for games. Is there a way I can turn on TV without it turning on Xbox so I can manually turn on Xbox only when I want to play?

Update: The Xbox One S feature an IR blaster/receiver (situated on the bottom right side) and it can be turn on by an IR signal from the TV. If you are not using the IR blaster/receiver function on the Xbox One S to control other AV equipment, you could block it with piece of tape to be sure that the Xbox One S won't turn on automatically every time you turn on the TV.

I know the native color space is over saturated, but besides this, which color space has less errors, auto or native?
'Auto' color space. It tries to choose the most accurate color space to match to the source.
I recently purchased the KS8000 65 inch and notice light bleeding on the bottom and a rectangle from top to bottom about 6 inches wide that seems discolored. What should I do?
If you are still in the exchange window and feel this is bothering you too much, just exchange it for another units. Some sets are better than others and our own KS8000 does have a slightly brighter top edge, but nothing like what you are describing seeing on your unit.
What does this 65" TV weight out of the box?
From the Samsung KS8000 65" specifications:
Product weight without stand: 51.8 lb.
Product weight with stand: 52.9 lb.
Shipping weigh: 66.8 lb.
I want to cut TV cable bill. Will sling internet TV work with my recent purchase of Samsung 65" KS8000?

You might need to buy a sling TV compatible device, that you will connect to a HDMI port, since the Sling TV app is not in available in the Samsung smart platform. Sling TV compatible device include Roku devices, Amazon devices, Xbox one, PC and MAC and some more.

Update(05/21/2018): We were informed that Sling now works as they added in an update.

Thank you for the great reviews. I just purchased the 65" ks8000 and like it very much. However, my wife and I both have noticed that this tv gets very bright when viewing hdr. It actually hurts our eyes when watching it in a dark room at night. I noticed that the tv defaults to a max backlight automatically when it detects HDR. Am I missing something? Is HDR really supposed to be this bright? I almost think something is wrong, but wanted to hear your experience with the one you tested and other HDR tvs. Possibly a setting or something else that I've overlooked causing this? FYI, I have only tested HDR with Amazon. Thanks!
Yes it is supposed to be really bright. It depends on the content though. You can of course tone it down if you prefer. Simply reduce 'Backlight' as much as you want.
How do I get to the setting screens you are showing?
To adjust the settings, press the 'Home' button on the remote and scroll all the way to the left until you find the 'Settings' button.
Is there a way to tell that HDR content is playing and that the TV has successfully switched into HDR mode?
There will be a popup notification at the top right corner confirming this when using a device connected via HDMI. Note that for the native apps it depends on the individual app. There won't be any notification that HDR is playing when using Netflix, but there is for Amazon video.
What should I put my dynamic contrast as for my Xbox One S? The Xbox says to leave it off in the calibration settings, but the TV comes with it on medium as default. The colors look like they pop a little more with it on medium as well and I'm wondering which is the best choice.
For the most true image we recommend leaving it off, but if you prefer the look (especially as most games don't go for an accurate image) then leave it on.
Thank you for putting in the time to develop these settings. I was initially very frustrated with the 55KS800D, because none of the given Picture modes were very good with my DishTV service. I took all your recommendations except White Balance, and am much happier. But I have a question. Can the expert settings be saved as a separate “Custom” picture mode so I can return to the default Movie mode without losing these settings? I recall that could be done on my old 720p 40" Sony Bravia that this Samsung replaces.
Unfortunately, there is no way to do a 'custom' picture mode. You can adapt each 'Picture Mode' to your liking and switch between them, but you cannot create a new one.
The latest update 1220.7 has now fixed the issue of Game Mode not auto adjusting the brightness for HDR mode.
Thanks for the information! Unfortunately we no longer have this TV so we can't confirm this.
I have the Samsung 65" KS8000 and the HRD+ is set to off. When I plug my 4K Apple TV and play an HDR movie the HDR remains off, should the TV detect my Apple 4K TV playing the HDR movie? I forgot to mention the TV allows me to turn on and off the HDR+, but when I turn it on the picture turns dim when playing an HDR movie. I checked that the settings you provided were on but the picture is still dim, any idea why?
'HDR+' isn't HDR, it's a specific Samsung processing feature; we recommend turning it off. The TV should change to HDR automatically when the Apple TV 4K sends an HDR signal. There's a few ways to tell if the TV is in HDR, but the surest way is to go into the advanced picture settings; near the bottom, the 'Gamma' will be listed as 'ST 2084' if it's in HDR.

Sling now works as they added in an update. I use it, but sometimes is slow or requires a restart. I'm on wired at 100mbs.

Thank you for contacting us and for letting us know. Unfortunately, we can't verify it since we no longer have the TV, but we updated the original question.

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