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There are not a lot of 60-inch TVs out there and only a few are released every year. Manufacturers are focusing more on their 55-inch and 65-inch models where you will find a great selection of choices. So unless your specific situation prohibits it, take a look at these sizes.

We've tested 7 TVs available in a 58-60" size and below are our recommendations for the best ones you can buy in the summer of 2018.

Best 60 inch TV : Sony KD60X690E

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  • 1.2: Winter 2018
  • 1.1: Summer 2017
  • 1.0: Winter 2015
  • 0.9: Winter 2014
  • 0.8: Winter 2013
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What it is General purpose. The TV will be used for a variety of content and usages. Movies at night, TV shows during the day, video games from time to time, etc.
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What it is Movies in the dark. The TV will be used for watching movies in a controlled environment, directly in front, in a home theater way. Mostly only high quality content, like Blu-rays, UHD Blu-rays, streaming and a little bit of HDR.
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TV Shows
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What it is TV Shows in a bright living room. The TV will be used in to watch TV shows, in a bright room during the day, from multiple viewing positions at different angles. The content watched has an average quality: cable, streaming, SD channels, etc.
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What it is Sports in a living room. The TV will be used to watch sports during the day, like football or hockey. Usually watched with a group, so from multiple viewing position.
Video Games
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What it is Video games. The TV will be used to play video games, directly in front, in a controlled light environment. Usually fast games, like online FPS, where motion blur and input lag is important.
HDR Movies
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What it is HDR Movies and TV shows. The TV will be used to watch 4k UHD HDR content, with a wide color gamut and a high peak brightness. Either via UHD Blu-rays or HDR streaming.
HDR Gaming
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What it is HDR Gaming. The TV will be used to play HDR video games using consoles that support it or on current generation gaming PCs. Xbox One S, PS4 Pro, GTX 10 series and AMD RX series graphics cards.
PC Monitor
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What it is PC Monitor. The TV will be used as a PC monitor, from 2-3 feet away, either for productivity purposes or gaming. Sharp text is important, as well as a high resolution.
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Type : LED
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What it is: Type of display technology used by the TV.
When it matters: Different technologies have different performance and are suited to different uses
Good value: IPS maintains good color accuracy at an angle, but has a poor contrast ratio from in front. VA has great picture quality in front, but loses saturation at an angle. OLED maintains good color accuracy at an angle without any of the other issues seen with IPS and VA, as they keep good brightness and contrast at an angle.
Resolution : 4k

The best 60-inch TV we’ve tested so far is the Sony KD60X690E. It is a TV with decent picture quality that can display deep and uniform blacks in a dark room, making movie watching a decent experience. It has very low input lag and good motion handling, better than the similarly priced Samsung UN60NU7100, and thus it is a good option for those who wish to use it for gaming.

However, the TV has limited HDR capabilities and cannot get very bright. It is not suitable for a well-lit room and the picture quality degrades when viewed at an angle.

Overall the Sony X690E is a decent 60-inch TV that can be used for a variety of usages.

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Alternative for Better Smart Features: Vizio E60-E3

Type : LED
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What it is: Type of display technology used by the TV.
When it matters: Different technologies have different performance and are suited to different uses
Good value: IPS maintains good color accuracy at an angle, but has a poor contrast ratio from in front. VA has great picture quality in front, but loses saturation at an angle. OLED maintains good color accuracy at an angle without any of the other issues seen with IPS and VA, as they keep good brightness and contrast at an angle.
VA (except 55")
Resolution : 4k

If you are looking for a TV with better smart features than the Sony X690E, then get the Vizio E60-F3 if you find it at a good price. You will not get the motion handling features or the low input lag found on the X690E. However, the Vizio E Series has a decent picture quality with deep and uniform blacks due to its high contrast ratio, and has an ok performance for most usages. It is a good but basic entry level TV in the 60-inch size.

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Notable Mentions

  • Samsung UN58MU6100. Decent TV with great contrast ratio, but hard to find. See our review.
  • LG 60UJ7700. Decent TV with a wide viewing angle, but hard to find. See our review.
  • Vizio D60-F3. Decent TV with powerful smart features, but still hard to find.  See our review.

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Our recommendation above is what we think are currently the best 60 inch LED TVs to buy for most people. We factor in the price (a cheaper TV wins over a pricier one if the difference isn't worth it), feedback from our visitors and availability (no TVs that are difficult to find or almost out of stock everywhere).

If you would like to do the work of choosing yourself, here is the list of all our reviews of TVs that have a 60-inch size. Be careful not to get too caught up in the details. While no TV is perfect, most TVs are great enough to please almost everyone, and the differences are often not noticeable unless you really look for them. 

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Questions & Answers

We are on the verge of getting a 60 inch smart TV. We don't want to spend too much. What can you recommend for us? Thank you.
It depends what you mean by too much. The best value you can buy is the Samsung UN60J6200.
Update: Changed the recommendations to current models.
What is the difference between Costco's UN60H6300 model versus the one on Amazon (Samsung UN60H6350)? Please reply before the labor day weekend sales end. Thank you! Costco does not sell the H6350.
Same TV (as mentioned previously), so get whichever one is cheaper.
There is a new 58" by Vizio: the D58U-D3 advertised at Sam's Club. The specs say it has a 120 hz refresh rate. Does this TV differ from your suggestions on the D-series? I know it's not reviewed, but can you confirm the refresh rate?
It's the same. The specs are listing the 'effective refresh rate,' which in this case is equal to double the real refresh rate of 60 hz.
With the Black Friday 2015 sales coming in, the best TV that fits my needs that I have identified is the Samsung UN60JU6390. Can I have any review/impression regarding it? It has an impressive price on Best Buy (though I think Amazon and others will have similar products) and I would really like to get this if possible. How does it stack up against the current contenders?
We won't be reviewing that model, so we can't say exactly how it compares to the other TVs we have looked at. We expect it's similar to the Samsung JU6500 (possibly a bit worse for overall picture quality), though likely without the ability to do 4k @ 60 hz @ chroma 4:4:4.
I decided to buy a Panasonic Plasma ST60, but which Panasonic 60 inch LED TV is equivalent to it in terms of picture quality?
There is no LED TV equivalent to the picture quality of the Panasonic ST60. Plasma TVs are one step above all LEDs in term of picture quality (assuming you watch them in a dark room). That being said, for most people an LED TV is good enough, and an LED TV actually looks better than plasmas do in a bright room.
Is there any difference between the Samsung UN60JU7090 (found at Best Buy) and the Samsung UN60JU7100? Or is it just the alternate "exclusive" retail model number? It's on sale for $1,000 at the moment. Thanks!
They aren't the same. The only definite difference we can see from the specs is that the JU7090 doesn't come with a smart remote, but there are likely also some differences in picture quality. Unfortunately, because we have not reviewed the JU7090, we can't say exactly how it and the JU7100 compare for picture quality. We do expect the JU7100 has somewhat better picture overall.
I am interested in the VIZIO E65-C3. All I will be doing is streaming Netflix TV shows/movies and ESPN sports to it using Chromecast or the native smart apps (no cable provider, no Blu-ray). I will not be gaming on the TV. I don't care about wide viewing angles. The couch is about 9 to 10 feet away from the TV in a room with windows with blinds. Is this TV overkill for my needs?
No. It's a (very good) budget TV, so it's not overkill at all. It's a good pick for your needs.
Which 60" TV has the best sound?
No 60" TV has particularly good sound. The Samsung UN60J6200 should have okay sound, for a TV, but it's still not great. Separate speakers will get you much better sound quality.
Does a 55 inch 4k ultra HD TV at a 5-7 ft viewing distance help or harm the eye? Especially with kids.
It won't harm them in 2D content, but 3D content might give them an headache at that distance. 3D is a bit harder for the eyes to focus on, and especially when there is a bit of crosstalk.
Thanks for the feedback on my earlier question. I'm still up in the air on 1080p vs. 4K, especially since there really isn't much 4K media today, but if I do go the 1080p route, is the J6300 worth the premium over the J6200 or the J620D?
Or would you instead recommend modeling UP for the premium based on feature-set? From what I can tell, the J620D is a version of the J6200 that Samsung sells into big box stores.
I really like the idea of buying from Costco (based on experience with customer service, the fact that they extend the OEM warranty by a year, etc.) but they don't currently carry the J6300/J630D near me. I have no issue with buying from another retailer (Best Buy, B&H, etc.) if it makes sense.
There are a few upsides to the J6300 over the J6200. It has more HDMI ports, can get quite a bit brighter, is better at upscaling 720p, and has the latest iteration of Samsung's smart features.
We would recommend going for the J6300/J630D if you can (you're right that the J620D and J630D are just re-brands of those Samsung models).
Is the Samsung or the LG 60 inch TV easier for seniors to use?
The interface of LG's WebOS is simpler and easier to understand. Samsung's smart TV interface is more bloated and redundant.
Okay, first of all, what a GREAT site! It's been very informative reading through so many of the helpful reviews. That said, I'm still trying to figure out which TV might the best suited for my needs.
I'm looking for a 55" or 60" screen. Picture quality is paramount to me, however, we also use it for gaming and sports so motion blur is also of critical importance. In terms of budget, I'd rather spend less than $1K but if I had to spend a little more for the perfect TV then I'd be willing to take the plunge. By the way, I'm thinking a little more means up to $1,1K-ish...but only if the difference was material.
4K is not necessary given the fact there is not much content, if any, available for it yet. So, a 1080 set is absolutely fine. One of my biggest issues with most flat screen TVs is red saturation and what I attribute to the soap opera effect -- everything looks like it was shot on a video camera. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Your two best options are the Samsung UN55J6300 and the Vizio E60-C3. The Samsung J6300 has the best overall picture quality of any 1080p TV we've seen this year, so if you purely want the best picture, go for that.
That said, the difference between it and the Vizio E isn't that big, so the extra 5" you could get by going with the E60-C3 is worthy of consideration.
For most people, the bigger TV is better, so we would recommend the E60-C3. If you really just want the absolute best picture quality, get the Samsung J6300.
Also, any TV with the soap opera effect can disable that feature, and a proper calibration can correct a color imbalance.
Since they are both within the same price range, what would you recommend: The 4K Vizio M60-C3 or 1080p Samsung UN60J6300? I would be using it mainly for movies, streaming TV shows, and especially watching football this fall. Thank you for your advice!
Go for the Samsung UN60J6300. It can't play 4k, but it's better at upscaling lower-resolution content, which will make your football look better. It also has good contrast, uniformity, and motion handling.
Is a curved screen better than a flat screen?
In terms of picture quality, there's pretty much no difference. You should only get a curved TV if you really like the look of a curved screen.
I'm in the market for a new tv. So far i have it narrowed down to: 60" Vizio E series, 60" Samsung J6300 or 60" Vizio M series. I currently have a 47 inch LG 47LE5400 120Hz from 2010 and im looking to get something bigger. Price really isn't an issue as much as just wanting the best TV of these choices. Is the $500 price difference between the Vizio E series and Samsung J6300 justifiable? Or is the E series the better choice. Then i think if i'm spending $1300, am i better off getting the Vizio M 4k for $1250. I mainly watch football and hockey through direcTV. I do a little bit Xbox one gaming. I sit around 8-10ft from my entertainment center. Any in sight would be great.
Knowing you mainly watch sports over cable, you want a TV that is great to handle motions and that is able to do a good job at upscaling lower resolutions. The J6300 is the only TV among those that do both nicely. Get the J6300.
I'm planning on buying a 60" LED and want to know if there's a noticeable difference between 240 hz and 120hz?
Not a significant one in term of motion blur. The trail length is the same. Check out all our motion blur results for more info.
Samsung UN55JS8500 and Samsung UN60UJ7100 are about the same price. Will you sacrifice size or brightness/picture quality? Thanks! I am trying to decide between those two TVs.
The JS8500 is one step above, and worth losing 5 inch for.
Is there a TV that isn't 4k that has a box for HDMI hook ups the way the Samsung JU7100 and Samsung JU7500 do?
No. Only some of Samsung's UHD and SUHD lineup come with the One Connect and One Connect mini boxes.
What is the difference between the j6200 and the j620d? Are they equal in specs and quality?
Their picture quality should be the same.
What do you think about the new Sony 4k?
You can find our reviews of Sony's 2015 4k TVs here.
Between the Samsung J620D and Vizio E60, both from Costco, with a price difference of $150, which should I buy? Thanks for the reply!
If you play fast-paced video games, get the Vizio E. It has good picture quality and lower input lag, which is important for gaming. If you don't play games and just want the best overall picture, get the Samsung J620D. It's better at upscaling 480p, it has better black uniformity, and it has the least motion blur of any TV we have reviewed this year.
I am torn between 4k and 1080p. I have a budget under $1,800, and we sit about 12-13 feet away. Will 60" work? Watch TV shows, sports, movies and occasionally gaming. Recommendations?
At that distance, it's unlikely you'd notice much extra detail even with a 75" 4k TV. We'd recommend getting a larger 1080p TV instead, like the Samsung UN65J6200. At that distance, the larger screen size is more important than the higher resolution.
After much research I was planning on getting the JU7100 55" but see Costco has a version JU710D model that would save me a few hundred. And, I have no interest in the 3D capability. Do you know what the main differences of the two would be, or is there a comparable option like the JU7100 possible sold at Costco.
The JU710D is the same TV has the JU7100. The difference between them is only cosmetic, they have the same picture quality and features.
Why is the UN60J6300 rated as the "Best Budget TV" when it's more expensive than the UN60J6200 AND rated lower across the board? Shouldn't the 6200 be Best Budget TV, and the 6300 be Runner-up?
The J6200 is really only better in one category, which is motion blur, and that's a category in which the J6300 still does very well. For everything else, you're better off with the J6300. In particular, the fact that the J6300 can get bright enough to be suitable for a living room setup is a big factor - the J6200 is really only worthwhile if you're getting a TV for a dark room.
We agree that the recommendation not lining up with the score is odd-looking, but in this case, we feel our choice makes sense in terms of what most people should look for.
I found a Samsung UN60JU650D on clearance for under $1000.00 at my local big box store. Knowing that it is last years model, would I be better off waiting to see what the Black Friday offerings are this year, or pull the trigger and pick up the 650D? From a size standpoint, I am not able to go with a larger screen size, and it seems like the 60" TV is fading away.
The biggest difference between last year's JU650D and this year's KU6300 is the slightly higher peak brightness, and slightly deeper blacks. Overall, there isn't much difference in picture quality. If you would prefer something newer then Black Friday is generally the cheapest time of year to buy TVs, and you can expect sales on the 2016 models.
I have been shopping for a 60" TV for a little while and I am getting conflicting reports on the Samsung UN60JU6500. It advertises a true motion rate of 120, but I am hearing that the refresh rate is only 60hz. Is there a difference between Samsung's true motion rate and refresh rate? I am not into gaming, and I mostly watch sports and TV shows.
Samsung's 'Motion Rate' number means different things for different TVs. For 1080p TVs, the Motion Rate is the same as the real refresh rate. For 4k TVs, the 'Motion Rate' number is equal to twice the real refresh rate.
Since the Samsung JU6500 is a 4k TV, its 'Motion Rate' of 120 means it has a real refresh rate of 60 hz.
What is the price of a 60" Sony TV? I plan to hang it on the wall. Help.
There are no 60" Sony TVs in 2015. For a 55" or 65", the price depends on which model you get. You can find the list of Sony TVs we reviewed this year here.
I am retired. I will be watching regular TV, Netflix, and IP World in our living room. I am debating between the Samsung UN60J620J and LG60LF609C. Please, recommend which one I should buy from Costco.
Get the Samsung. It has much less blur on fast movement, so sports will look better, and it's about equal to the LG TV for everything else.
We are retired and want to buy A 60" TV. Which TV is the best buy for the money?
The best deal is the Vizio E60-C3. The picture quality is nearly as good as the best 1080p LED TV of the year (Samsung J6300), but it's a good deal less expensive.
What is the difference between the Samsung 65" H6350 vs the J620D? Both are on sale and within $50 price difference! Which one is the best value, given the $50 difference?
The H6350 is more similar to the J6300, so it's a step up from the J620D. Get the H6350.
I just received the new Apple TV box and want to get a new 60" Ultra HD TV. I have DirecTv and do no gaming. I would like the Bluetooth feature to connect to the internet. Other than that, I just want a killer picture. Your thoughts ?
Our suggestion for a great 60" 4k TV would be the JU7100. It's picture quality is really good. If you want a more budget friendly TV, then the Vizio M is a great choice. It isn't as good but not too far off and offer you more value for the money. Both TVs can connect to the internet (bluetooth feature not necessary for this).
Thanks for a great site! I am considering cutting the cable cord and just using a roku 3 and antenna. Obviously no real need for 4k and my couch is just over 10 feet away anyhow. I've narrowed it down to the J6200, J6300, and E-60. My living room is fairly bright, no video games, just movies, TV, and sports. Is there a lot of difference at this size TV given the stated parameters? Is one of these better for my needs? If the difference in price is enough to get the E-65? Would that be better than the 6200/6300 or is their picture quality that much better?
The bigger size of the Vizio E is a plus and it's picture quality is on par with the two other TVs except for lower resolution content that may be a problem with your antenna. For this reason, if you want the best possible quality from both your sources, the J6300 is the better pick.
Could you elaborate more on the refresh rates between 1080P and 4k Samsung sets. I am mainly a sports and general tv viewing person. Is this difference that same for other mfg's too?
As a rule of thumb, don't worry about the refresh rates. It is not an indication of picture quality, even for sports. The only advantage of a 120Hz TV is a better soap opera effect, but most people disable that feature anyway. But to answer your question, the refresh rate listed in the spec for Samsung 1080p TVs is correct. For 4k TVs though, Samsung doubles the real number. For other manufacturers, it varies.
Looking for a 60" TV primarily for Netflix streaming, Blu-ray viewing and some sports (in that order). Trying to stay below the $1000 price point, which do you recommend - the Best Buy Black Friday exclusive (JU6390) or the non-4K (J6200)?
Unfortunately we haven't reviewed the JU6390. Note that black friday special models are build to have the lowest price possible, so their quality are sometimes not on par with normal models. The J6200 we reviewed was really good.
I am debating on the samsung j6200 and the j6300 but them being only 1080p I have side tracked into some 4k tvs. I will be watching a lot of movies, video games and sports. With this in mind, I really wanted to upgrade to a 4k TV since I will have this tv for a while. Best buy has a special on Samsung UN60JU6390FXZA but I could not find any reviews on this. Any thoughts on this tv?
This is a new 4k model without much features probably especially made for black Friday. It may contain a lesser quality panel (usually not the best uniformity) than the JU6400 but it has to be confirmed. Knowing that the JU6400 and JU6500 aren't judder free with 24p contents, it will likely be the same with this one too. We don't know more about it yet. For a good budget 4k TV, there isn't much better value than the Vizio M although it has a bit more blur than ideal. It is still good for what you watch.
Should I be worried about 8 vs 10 bit panels for future 4K videos? How about HDCP 2.2? Or is this esoterica a waste of time at this point?
Many thanks. I'm glad I found your site!
For 8 vs. 10 bit, not really. None of the TVs we tested this year were fully able to pass our 10 bit test. All the UHD TVs we tested this year support HDCP 2.2, so that's also not really anything to worry about.
Moving to new home and looking for 3 TVs (40", 50" and 60") for separate rooms. TV watching - not gaming. Picture quality important. Probably will need sound bars as most current LEDs have poor sound with down-firing speakers. Comparing Samsung JU6500, JU7100 and JS7000 series. Your thoughts or alternates? Thank you.
The JU7100 will be suitable for all kind of environments and has the best picture quality. It is available in all the size that you need.
Our 50 inch Samsung plasma just kicked the bucket. We're looking to replace it with a 60 inch. Picture quality matters to us. We watch mostly Netflix, Amazon, HBO Go, and some cable. We are really worried about the "Soap Opera" effect. We would like to keep our costs under $1500. Any recommendations?
If you sit closer than 10 feet away from the TV, it would be enough to enjoy 4k if you have any plan to do so. The Samsung JU6400 is the only 4k TV that offer HBO Go at this size and price. The 60" version might have a better picture quality then the 55" we reviewed (different panel) but we haven't confirmed that yet. A safer choice would be the Samsung J6300 1080p. It isn't 4k but would also give you access to all the content you want with a great picture quality. There was no better 1080p TV released this year so you can buy this one with confidence. Both TVs can disable the soap opera effect.
Panasonic 4k TV is awesome - better than the expensive flashlight "Samsung" 4k TV. I compare it to my 65" zt and couldn't really tell the difference. Samsung is an awful TV. I would it recommended it to nobody. It's like buying a Vizio 4k TV: very crappy picture quality.
We haven't reviewed any Panasonic 4k TVs, so we aren't able to comment on their capabilities. We have been very impressed with Samsung's and Vizio's TVs this year, though. They have performed well on our tests, and we think the picture quality is quite good for LED TVs.
Did you use the HDMI 5 60hz slot on the Vizio 2015 4K M LED, when you did your review? Because if not, that is why you had so much motion blur in your review. Because all the other HDMI's run at 30hz. And my test runs, Samsung LED TV's, Like my older 2012 D6400 and my Vizio 2015 4K 60inch M series, are right about the same in the motion blur area. Plus I really hate the way the Samsung TV's take away all the picture option's, when you enable game mode. This is not a problem with the Vizio. Do you know if the 2015 Samsung JU7100 has this problem with the game mode. And last, do you know if the Samsung has LED's all the way across the panel on the Samsung 2015 ju7100, like the Vizio 2015 4K M60? Love the review's and Take care my friend.

Both HDMI 5 and 1-4 have the same amount of motion blur. The HDMI inputs 1-4 are not limited to 30Hz. They are only limited to 30Hz at 4k, but they run fine 1080p @ 60Hz.

The JU7100 does disable most settings in game mode. From an accuracy point of view, it isn't a worse picture, but if you like some of the processing settings, then yes you won't like it.

Yes, the JU7100 is direct lit, but it can't control as efficiently the LEDs like on the Vizio M Series.

Do all LED Smart TVs have picture mode (as in plasma TVs) or do you need to calibrate? Looking at 60 inch LG or Panasonic.
They all come with different picture presets, but calibration will do a better job of getting good picture.
My distance to the TV is 6.6 feet. Thinking about getting a 55" or 60". Does 4k make sense for these sizes and distances? My main interest is an immersive movie experience and TV series - which can be not HD - budget <$1,500, but near $1,000 would be a plus. What would you recommend? Thank you.
You'll want to sit closer to the TV while watching 4k material, but having a 4k TV doesn't make a difference for distance while watching 1080p and lower.
For your viewing habits, it sounds like a 55" TV would probably be best, and if you're mostly interested in a TV for movies and TV, you should get the Vizio M-series. It has deep, uniform blacks, so your videos will look good. It also costs less than $1,000, and you do get the option to watch 4k video.
I just returned two TVs back to Best Buy (Samsung six and seven series 4k), and just brought home the Sony XBR65X850C, and I have the same problem again. Can you please recommend a 65" TV that I can view from a angle and not lose color and contrast? Viewing distance is about 5-6 feet. Thank you!
In that size range, the Sony XBR65X900C is the best overall TV with a wide viewing angle, so go with that.
How do you rate the 60 in Sharp TV?
Sharp made 4 TV models of 60" size this year. Two 4k (LC-60UE30U, LC-60UD27U) and two 1080p (LC-60LE660U, LC-60C6600U). Unfortunately, we did not review any 60" Sharp TVs this year and there is no 60" made with same model numbers as the one we reviewed.
Help! We are seniors and our old rear projection TV just blew its last bulb! I refuse to purchase another bulb, so it is forced to move on. It was a 65 inch. My husband is not good with any technology, so we need the most user friendly. Our room is big, we sit at about 15 feet from the TV. I will use it to download from Amazon and Roku, etc. Picture quality is important. The grand kids will use it for gaming, but not often. I have researched enough to know we should get either a Samsung or an LG. But from there on I am totally confused. I want it to be a smart, 4K TV that will last us for a few years. We don' t need all the latest bells and whistles, but do need a good picture for old eyes and easy to use so the remote survives. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
From your viewing distance and if the room allow it, you would be better with a bigger 1080p TV than a 4k TV. The J6300 is the best of 2015 Samsung's 1080p TVs and it has a great picture quality, will work perfectly with your Roku and Amazon videos and will be good for the occasional video game sessions. You will be familiar with the standard remote layout too. If you really want 4k than the JU6500 would be the step up as far as resolutions goes but it wouldn't necessary be a better TV for your needs.
I've read your reviews of the JS7000 and JU7100. Best Buy currently has the UN60JS7000 on sale at $1,499 and hhgregg has the UN60JU7100 for $2,097. If the TV will primarily be used for video games and streaming TV shows (minimal movies), is the JS7000 the better buy?
Yes. The picture quality should be quite similar overall, and you also get the ability to display a wider range of colors. Go for the UN60JS7000.
I have been going back and forth with the best 4k tv to get. I am a really big gamer(mostly fps) and I stream a lot of netflix. I also watch a decent amount of sports and the occasional bluray. I was orginally set on the 55xbr850c as I have a sony 40in w5100 and love it. I have been going back and forth between samsung and sony tvs and see that for the most part samsung sets have the best input lag. Does the sony have advantages from Samsung in gaming not listed in your review? I was looking at the Samsung 8500 since it has a better gaming score from your review. Any advice on what sets I should be looking at?
For gaming, the JS8500 is indeed better than the Sony X850C. Sony TVs do have some advantage for gaming though. For example, they support an input of 1080p@120Hz. You can also control better how you like the movement to look (make the backlight flicker for example). But for most gamers, the JS8500 is the better choice.
Hi. My last TV purchase was in 2011, and that is my current TV, the Panasonic 55ST30 plasma. There is nothing wrong with my TV, but I can't help but think there is a better TV out there in terms of clarity, etc.
Also, the fact that I can squeeze a larger TV into the space helps. I have 55" of horizontal space. Unfortunately, that is just about two inches short for a 65" TV, and I can fit up to a 60" TV, according to my measurements.
My question is two-fold. First, is there anything out there in the 55"-65" range that will make the upgrade worth it for movies/sports? I currently have DirecTV, prime video, Netflix, and Fire TV all through a Denon AVR1713. The TV is in a corner, and so seating ranges vary, but my main seat is 12 feet away.
My second question is, even though I won't get the full 4k experience at 12 feet, wouldn't the actual picture appear better on a 4k TV than a 1080p set would at distance?
Any recommendations are appreciated, and I love reading your pages.
The only TVs that will look like a bit of an improvement are LG's OLED sets, but the difference probably won't be so striking. You're really better off keeping your plasma TV until it stops working.
And no, 4k TVs won't look better at that distance. The issue isn't with the TV itself, but rather with the limitations of human eyes. We just can't see the extra detail past a certain point. We explain this in a bit more detail here.
I am a really heavy gamer and I watch Netflix when I am not gaming. I don't watch sports. The game types I play are fps (halo, destiny) and RPGs (fallout series, bloodborne, uncharted, etc). Is the Samsung j6300 a good tv for a professional gamer, should I go with lg60uf7300 or do you recommend another model? I am kinda on a low budget. 1300 or less and I don't have an allegiance to any brand. Thanks
We haven't reviewed the UF7300 so we can't really comment on it's gaming capabilities. The J6300 is good for gaming although you would want a much lower input lag if you are serious about competition. For your budget, look at the Vizio E. It has a great picture quality for movies and video games and will cut the input lag from 44.9 ms (J6300) to 29.5 ms (Vizio E).
Was looking at the Samsung JU7100. Would you recommend buying a TV now or wait a couple months for the new models?
If you can, wait. You'll start seeing good deals arrive in spring, a bit before the 2016 models are released.
The panel in the JS8000 is manufactured by Sharp. I have verified this information in the service manual and also in the TVs service menu.
Interesting. Can you send us the full model number you found in the service menu if you can? Thank you for the information.
Update: Here are the info from the service menu: 60H1AU0TJ, BN95-02517A, PRODUCT LCD-SHARP; CY-TJ060FGSV1V, JS8000.
First of all, what a great website. I have found it to be very helpful and informative. I am curious as to why the Samsung UN60JU7100 is your pick for the best 60” TV, when the Samsung UN60KS8000 actually ranks higher in your list of all 60” TV reviews? Please advise. Thanks!
At the time the article was written, there was no 60" KS8000. The article is updated each quarter, and will probably feature the KS8000 as the pick for the best 60" TV for the summer review.
We have a large room 24' x 22'. The center will accommodate up to a 70" TV. We mostly watch movies and satellite TV. The question is would you buy the Samsung UN65KS8000 for $1480 or the UN70KU6300 for $1350; or go with the smaller UN60KU6300 for $700?
The UN65KS8000 is your best bet. It has better picture quality in general and it is especially better at showing high quality content, which makes it more futureproof. Although it is slightly smaller than the UN70KU6300 its better picture quality is worth it. If you wish to spend less, the smaller sizes of the KU6300 still have good picture quality but are less futureproof.
Is 7.5 feet too close for a 60in plasma TV?
It's a little bit too close. You'll be less likely to notice your television's pixels if you back up another half foot.
What are the good points and the bad points of a 3D Television? Do you have to wear the glasses all the time? Thanks!
Compared to 2D-only models from the same manufacturer, 3D TVs can be more expensive. That said, there aren't really downsides to owning a 3D TV. You can watch 3D content if you want, in which case you'll need to wear glasses, but you will not need to wear glasses when watching 2D content.
I'm sorry if this question was already asked. I want a 60" TV and I game everyday. So what's the best TV for gaming in this size? High-end, mid-range, or budget.
For an upper-mid-range TV, the Samsung UN60JU7100 is the best gaming TV. It has good overall picture quality (good contrast, decent uniformity, and good motion handling), and it has low input lag.
For a budget TV, the Vizio E-series is a good pick. It's not a 4k TV, and it's uniformity isn't the greatest, but it doesn't have much motion blur and its input lag is also quite low.
We haven't reviewed any high-end TVs yet, but we'll have picks for that category within the next couple of months.
I think the LG 102led has great picture. I am looking for a 60", easy to use TV, with easy access to ports (not in the back or side of the TV). Is that possible?
The only TVs we have reviewed that do not have ports in the back or side of the TV are Samsung TVs with a One Connect box. It's a box that plugs into the back of your TV, but that you can place anywhere you like around your TV, and into which you plug your HDMI cables. The Samsung UN60JU7100 comes with one of those boxes, has great overall picture quality and is easy to use (the remote is point-and-click). It would be the best choice for your desired setup.
Note: Its picture is different from that LG. The JU7100 has better contrast, but a narrower viewing angle. If you want a wide viewing angle (and the worse contrast that goes with that), then we have not seen any TVs that are ideal for what you want.
Looking for a primary primary TV for viewing from 8.5 to 9 ft. I mostly watch cable TV, sports, and movies. My budget is around $1,500. I'm thinking of a 60" Samsung 1080p, or 55" Samsumg UHD to stay in budget. Is 55" UHD worth it at this distance or do I need to go larger? Is 60" 1080p a better option from this distance and budget? Which models do you recommend?
You would get a bit of benefit from UHD at that distance, but not much. For optimum picture at 8.5-9 feet, you'd need a UHD TV of 75" or larger.
Stick with 1080p and get the Samsung UN60J6300. It has the best overall picture quality of any 1080p TV we've seen this year (good contrast, uniformity, motion handling), and would be ideal for your needs and setup.
What is the difference between the Samsung UN60J6300 and the Samsung UN60H6400, other than the model year, and which would you recommend?
Their picture quality is about the same, but the H6400 is able to display 3D, and also has a fancier remote. The H6400 is a better buy if they're the same price (or if those extras appeal to you), but otherwise is not worth it if there's a big price difference.
I have an lg 50pn4500 Plasma tv. After all picture calibration the image is not bright. Some dim picture and background is observed. What is the reason?
Plasma TVs cannot get very bright in general (at the exception of the Samsung F8500). This is a limitation of the technology. Try increasing the cell luminosity to the max, but besides that there is nothing you can do about it.
I'm trying to decide between the Vizio 60" M60-C3 and the Samsung 60' UN60JU65ODFXZA, both from Costco and both are 4k. We view from 12' feet and will use it for streaming, movies, and sports - no gaming. Comcast is the provider.
Any recommendations, including any other TVs? After reading the reviews I'm now wondering if we even need a 4k set. Initially, the idea was to get a 4K to stay ahead of the curve, so we aren't buying a new TV in five years.
The Vizio M is better. It has deeper, more uniform blacks, and it doesn't have judder when playing 24 fps video.
That said, there's nothing special about these TVs, and there's new stuff coming out all the time. If you're only upgrading to get a 4k TV in the hopes that you'll be future-proof, you might as well hold off. If you do want/need a new TV, though, you should go ahead.
This thread has been incredibly helpful. I have sat at more stores and stared at this TVs more than I would like to admit. The TV will be mounted above a fireplace, and we will sit 10 feet away.
We are debating between the Samsung J6200 ($900), J6300 ($1,200) and JU6500 ($1,300). We watch mostly movies and football (my wife watches real housewives - but I don't need to see them any better than we do with our 48" TV).
We use HBO GO, Amazon Prime, and Hulu quite a bit, but do not mind the "old" Smart Hub interface. We have a lot of windows in the room, so we would like to keep glare to a minimum.
I admittedly could not see the difference, while watching football at Best Buy this weekend, between the J6200 and J6300. But it is really hard to compare with 30 TVs on the wall. So, what do you think? We are leaning toward the J6200 - but if you all think the 6500 or 6300 are better, we could spend the extra money. And if the difference between the 6300 and 6500 is only $100, it might make sense to get 4k, right? THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help.
If you want to watch genuine 4k video, then a 4k TV is worth getting. If you don't care, then a 1080p set will suit you fine.
The J6200 is a very good choice for what you're looking to watch. The J6300 is better for watching 720p video (the upscaling is better), but if you're not too concerned about that, the J6200 is the better buy. Both it and the J6300 are good for what you're looking to watch.
I sit 9' away from the TV and watch mostly sports, movies and TV Shows (no gaming). I am trying to decide between a 55" Samsung JU7100 or a 60" from either Vizio (P602ui-B3), LG (UF7700) or Sharp (UE30U). From this distance, does a larger size trump the quality of the Samsung?
Yes, but only in the case of the Vizio P. The LG UF7700's picture quality is quite poor, and since we haven't reviewed the UE30U, we can't be sure how good it is. Get the Vizio P.
What would be the best 3D TV around the 60" size? I've had a 58" and 60" Samsung plasma 3D and with the removal of plasma I'm kind of stuck. Thanks.
The Samsung UN60JU7100 is the one to get. It has really good overall picture quality, including good 3D. It won't quite match your plasma TV - the blacks aren't as deep, the viewing angle is a bit narrower, and there will be a bit more blurring on fast movement - but it's the best option in the size you're looking for.
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